Sunday, September 6, 2015

Boss Chimney on Argonne in Buckhead designed by Historical Concepts

There's an estate house building boom in Buckhead: prestigious streets, teardowns, our finest architects and builders, whopper houses. The Boss is different. It's a terminated vista. You can see the chimney long before you can see the house.

Kind of busy at our place for the next month. But not too busy to show you Terry's Tiny Video of "Boss Chimney."

Boss Chimney is at the corner of Argonne and Pine Valley where you can see new homes designed by Stan Dixon, Frank Neely, Bobby McAlpine, and Terry Pylant (who designed "Boss Chimney" for Historical Concepts).

There are 3 double-flue Lutyens inspired boss chimneys on the house but this one is the "Boss of Bosses." It terminates the sight-line as you drive west on Argonne from Habersham.

Go see how Boss Chimney says, "Come Hither."


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