Thursday, August 20, 2015

Atop the Gothic Tower in Grant Park and Stained Glass Too - Terry's Tiny Video Tour

I met the building manager yesterday, he said, "Want to see?"

It's the Georgia Avenue Church at the corner of Georgia Avenue and Grant Street in Grant Park. Three congregations meet there. It's one of the Architecture Tourist's favorite spaces in Atlanta but I'd never seen upstairs.

The balcony is now an office with this window.

The bottom part of the big window shows in the sanctuary, the top part shows in the balcony.

It's the Anchor Window. See?

IMG_20150819_150124 2015-08-19 Spiral stair in SE Tower Kairos Church Georgia Avenue 5th Presbyterian Church Grant Park Atlanta
Then he pointed to the dark spiral stair up to the belfry. I never dreamed of this and was excited. I needed hours but had minutes.

From the bell-free belfry I climbed to the roof.  It was crenelated parapet wall battlements or in Terry's terms: "Decorative tower battlements with pointy merlons and embrasures (aka crenels)."

So here:

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  1. Some beautiful work. There's something almost otherworldly about Gothic architecture to me. Thanks for sharing these pictures!


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