Monday, July 20, 2015

Bottoms Up and Blooming: Nexus Press & Atlanta Zine Fest

Do the Nexus Press alums ever mix it up with the zinesters?

I was thinking: Why wasn't the Atlanta Zine Fest at The Contemporary? Underground printing has come a long way but it's got deep roots.

Here is Taylor Moon's zine, Lost in Time and Space, with her self portrait from the new "Murmur Media" space on Broad Street in South Downtown.

IMG_20150501_201829 2015-05-01 Endless Road A Look at Nexus Press ACAC Atlanta Contemporary
Underground printing at maximum quality required expensive equipment and materials with maximum craftsmanship. These artistic avenues remain open while technology has reduced some of the costs. Picture from the superb "Endless Road: A Look at Nexus Press" show at the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center.

The Atlanta Zine Fest would have been perfect amidst the Nexus Prsss show. But our young, fearless, risk oblivious, poor arty crowd looks elsewhere.

"They" are building an arts district from the bottom up in downtown Atlanta, it's even on MARTA. It's edgy, it's risky, it has a big-city feel. It's the perfect place for the Atlanta Zine Fest.

Downstairs at Mammal Gallery.

Thanks to the Goat Farm folks.

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