Sunday, March 15, 2015

Syrup Marketing's Work-space: Climbing Wall and Crow's Nest, Terry's Tiny Tour

Our third stop was Syrup Marketing: A half-court basketball sized space, with a climbing wall, crow's nest conference room, foosball, dark rooms and light rooms, big spaces and cozy spaces, FUN coat rack at 0:24 in the video, breathing room. Bravo.

Hypepotamus and Architecture Tourist are teaming to tour tech work-spaces and to meet the cool folks who work there.

Here's a look around in 104 seconds. Music starts at 0:12.

Lot's of ways to work at Syrup.

IMG_6067 2015-02-19 SYRUP MARKETING Hypepotamus workspace tour Atlanta
A view from the crow's nest conference room.

Thanks Syrup Marketing and my fellow traveler Trish Whitlock. Editor at Hypepotamus.

More to come.

P.S. Attention  design fans:

IMG_6068 2015-02-19 SYRUP MARKETING Hypepotamus workspace tour Atlanta TW
Super table.


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