Monday, March 3, 2014

Terry's Meta Monday: Do Doug Allen, Do Hashtag Pheonix Flies, Done That

Two things, then a bunch of other stuff, then the controversy.

META: Preservationists, historians, urbanists, city lovers, artists, activists, inactivists, neighbors, friends, and future friends.

1. Let's party to kick off Phoenix Flies

Phoenix Flies starts this Friday, March 7, 2014 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm and I hope you'll say hello. Haven't been to the L.P. Grant Mansion? It's worth it just for the restored windows in Atlanta's oldest and finest room.

Now get out your calender and click to the Phoenix Flies Events Listing because there is too much and you need a plan. Some events are limited and you need to R.S.V.P. now.

Please Hashtag Phoenix Flies: Y'all Tweeters, Facebookers and Intagrammers, please use #preserveatl and #phoenixflies and anything else you think is good. The Atlanta Preservation Center tweets at @PreserveATL and they are on Facebook too at AtlantaPreservationCenter.

Terry's tips "Stained Glass Bucket List for Phoenix Flies..." and there is even more stained glass this year: St. Luke's and Rock Springs Presbyterian. Keep looking up: "Must See Ceilings for Phoenix Flies."

2. Let's go to the Douglas C. Allen annual lecture at Georgia Tech Wednesday, March 5, 6 pm.
Here's Doug with on the right with the blurry hand. The lectures are in his honor, world class lectures on landscape architecture. It's easy, it's free with free parking. Please say hello, I sit up front

If you still have spare time, consult the Burnaway To-Do List, the Atlanta Fine Arts Calendar, and the ArtsATL Event Guide. That's what I do.

Done That....................
I've had the most extraordinary week just by following my nose and showing up. I'll need a month of blogging to tell you.

A. Atlanta Studies Meetup on February 24 at Manuel's. They are on Facebook.This is a meta meetup for Atlanta Lovers put on by folks who know stuff and want to know stuff. Ever hear of Click on!

B. Hilan Theater is next to Atkins Park Restaurant
It showed films until closing in 1969 then it was a church and almost the Cotton Club. My friend Linda grew up on Adiar and went to movies here.

C. Opening of "Mapping Place: Africa Beyond Paper" at Robert C. Williams Paper Museum at Georgia Tech
This is a 400 year old map book. The pages are hand colored. I don't know what to tell you except find your way over there some time.

D. Opening of "The Price Is Right" at Swan Coach House Gallery
IMG_1171  Leisa Rich
Works under $1,000 but you don't have to buy to enjoy them. Here's Leisa Rich who got top billing with her movable fiber sculptures.

E. Opening of "Blind Handshake" by David Humphrey at Marcia Wood Gallery
Here's David gesturing. Colorful, amusing, and more than that.

F. Greenwood Cemetery
I took the Architecture Tourist route through West End coming back from the airport on Saturday. Wow: Jewish, Greek, and Chinese sections. It has this 1965 holocaust memorial containing ashes from Dachau. Greenwood is also home to St. Barbara's Chapel.

G. Westview Cemetery Stained Glass "crawl"
I'd never been in the Westview Mausoleum. I spent an hour in there all alone trying to photograph every stained glass window. It was overwhelming.

H. The B-17 "Memphis Belle"
My cousin James flies this. I crawled through at Dekalb-Peachtree Airport. It too was overwhelming.

I. Opening of the Zuckerman Museum of Art at Kennesaw State University
A gala grand opening with architecture, art, music, dance and controversy see "J." below.

J. Artist Ruth Stanford and the Kennesaw controversy over her piece for the opening of the Zuckerman
Ruth (center) displayed the most admirable good form through all this.

The story has gone national. You can find local coverage and a link to the petition at Burnaway. Wherever you come down of the curation / censorship scale, I think the controversy is a plus for us in Atlanta, for our artist community, for the work and for Ruth in particular. I hope so anyway. I'm looking forward to seeing her piece sooner or later.

What a week in Atlanta and I didn't even see the Nakatani Gong Orchestra at the Goat Farm.

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  1. So much to see and do! Very excited about Phoenix Flies...look forward to that every year! And so wish I had made it to see the Memphis Belle...was an insanely busy day, though. Thanks for sharing so much in a single post,!


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