Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Bonding with a mansion: "The kids were riding cardboard down the stairs"

It wasn't staged for sale or precious like a show house. The mom, dad, children, and dogs were at home, the architect, the builder, the artist, and the craftsmen were visiting, plus guests. Overheard: "They are really living in here."

On Saturday Corrina Sephora Mensoff showed her work in a private home. The owners invited Corrina to feature her sculptures, paintings and her commissions for the house most notably the grand stair and the fireplaces. Lucky me: Architecture, design, art, sculpture, and Corrina all in one place for a little while.

And there was something I didn't expect, an emotional resonance. (Hat tip to Ryan Gravel, he'll know what I mean.)

Brad Heppner and Vern Vanderkleed of Benecki Fine Homes, the architect and the builder, saw how the family lived the house. They'd worked here more the two years.The owners had been in for a year. Was it working?

It's a big private home more the 10,000 square feet. I took these two grainy pictures so you can get a sense of the most formal area.

I found Brad and Vern chatting in the bedroom hall. They glanced around remembering challenges, solutions and dozens of craftsmen and artisans who made it happen.

Brad asked Vern if there'd been any changes. Vern said they'd put another door in the library and added a few can lights in the basement. The owner moved his office up to the "attic" where it was a little quieter.

"But you know, they really live here."

See Corrina's stair rail?

A bit about Corrina: She's the blacksmith / metal worker / artist / teacher with studios at the Goat Farm. She has more talent, energy, heart, and good humor than most of us. You should meet her because all that good stuff will rub off on you. You've no doubt seen her whimsical "Sun Moon Nautilus Passage" gate at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens.

Corrina and friends with her 2013 Art Papers Auction work.

Thanks so much.

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