Sunday, October 27, 2013

People in Places and a Wedding

I prefer people in my places. On that count it was a great week.

Andrea and Eli got married in a pasture last Saturday. They are Atlanta chefs who tweet. Eli s is executive chef at the soon to open @TheLuminaryATL. JoAnn and I saw Eli at Piedmont Hospital on the day he was born. He grew up to earn this great woman's love. Ladies: Most of us dorky guys will never understand how we get these wonderful girls to make a families with us. Though we don't always express it well, we are so grateful.

Sarah Emerson waved while painting on Broad Street for "Elevate." This is the new Mammal Gallery. It's just south the downtown MARTA station. Now you can find it.

I found James McConnell of Beep Beep Gallery and Sam Parker (the artist who couldn't possibly have time to sleep) at my first visit to the newest Fay Gold Gallery. It was Red Bull's cooler painting competition.

Turns out that Sarah Emerson's (center) and Sam Parker's coolers won their way to the national competition at Art Basel Miami.

P.S. Fay Gold's Gallery is cool, it's at the west tip end of 10th, the building with Hense paint job.

At Grant Park Octane, you might want the sun at your back when you join one of these illuminaries: Anna Gonzales   Maigh Houlihan, Jessica Weiss, and Brandon Barr. Brandon is one of the #weloveatl champions. Thanks to Mail Chimp for supplying the LikeMind Atlanta coffee.

While you're at Octane check our some Howdynater (Nathan Tavel) posters in the hall.

The Atlanta Preservation Center is presenting an exhibition of photographs by Lucinda Bunnen (right). Lucinda has pretty much photographed everybody. Photographer John Ramspott (left) was there to photograph the opening for Burnaway.

The Grant Mansion's Drawing Room Gallery is my favorite 600 square feet in Atlanta, It's great even when empty. It's even better with people and art. See art critique Jerry Cullum? See WonderRoot leader Crhis Appleton?

Did the Atlanta Contemporary folks work all night getting ready to re-open? That's art director Stuart Horodner wearing "curator" black.

The smiling sisterz are artistz. Marci Starz and Nicki Starz posed with dad, mom, and brother at The Creative's Project Fundraiser at the Goat Farm.

Councilman Kwanza Hall is everywhere, here with TCP artist Jerushia Graham.

Photographer Neda Abghari (in black) is the executive director of TCP and you should know her.

Carolne Kilgore is photography director for Atlanta Magazine. In the old days she grew up with my children. I used to be taller than Caroline (and taller than 2 of  my 3 children).

Jiha Moon (lady with glasses) keeps a happy studio at the ACAC Art Party. It's hard not to smile with Marianne Lambert (lady in red) in the house.

I repeat: Kwanza Hall is everywhere.

Lisa Tuttle with Paul Benjamin who also keeps a happy studio.

Nathan Sharratt keeps a sofa in his studio: a happy choice.

Melissia Fernander relaxes on her back, Zopi Kristjanson on her tummy, David Courtright prefers to put his feet up in Steven Anderson's garden.

Stuart Horodner, me, Lauren Langley, and Sarah Gaskins at the Pubic Atlas Walkabout in Reynoldstown and Cabbagetown. We walked about picking up little art pieces. Thanks to Fallen Fruit and WonderRoot.

We met one of the artists.

We met the Sisters of the Lattice at Karen's house with Nancy VanDevender (right).

I'm not done but I am a bit tired. One more:

I'll leave you with some downtown wall walking from last night at Elevate Atlanta. "Point de vue sur coin de rue" at the corner of Broad and Poplar featuring Mostafa Ahbourrou, Isabelle Saulle, and Adolfo Vargas from L’Association Manifeste. Hey, they are on Facebook.

I appreciate y'all saying hello.

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