Sunday, September 8, 2013

Could Angel's Housewarming Have Been More Delightful?

Angel invited the whole town to his housewarming yesterday, a party that started with a 6 mile hike on the BeltLine.

Do you know Angel Poventud? He's a human dynamo of impossibly earnest good nature and generosity. He's devoted to practicing what he preaches.

So he bought this wreck of a house for about $12/square foot on the Southwest BeltLine. He rebuilt it in public with the help of hundreds of friends and strangers. You should read more about it, it wasn't easy.

My porch pals and I could not be more delighted.

IMG_4947 2013-09-07 Angel Luis Poventud housewarming Adair Park
Here's Angel (in green) telling the story for the umpteenth time, never losing the thread of delight.

The house is in Adair Park which is shaped like Maplanta's housewarming gift. The long straight edge is Metropolitan Parkway, formerly Stewart Avenue.

After 90 years your ornamental trees can be a little invasive but they were the only thing the kudzu didn't claim.

Adair Park is across the street, nice.

The main feature is this room where everyone will want to do everything all the time.

Few houses have spaces this good, this well proportioned, this comfortable, this flexible. The wide-body woodwork rocks.

It's a little house and you are through before you know it. This view was total kudzu.

There was food and drink in the backyard. They pushed the Doggi Dogg food trailer up and eased it down.

Imagine the kudzu.

Angel's lot backs up to the southwest leg of the BeltLine. All the cool kids will be walking and biking here soon.

IMG_4946 2013-09-07 Angel Luis Poventud housewarming Adair Park
And Angel will have more to tell.

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You can see how the BeltLine divides industrial from residential.



  1. What a great space! And have great admiration for his enthusiasm. Great things ahead...

  2. Thanks for sharing. Angel is a city treasure and I'm so glad to see him with this great house surrounded by wonderful friends.

  3. So sorry to have missed this joyful occasion. I cannot remember a more eventful weekend.

  4. I don't think this is last party at Angel's, lucky us.

  5. I'm one of the lucky folks to have Angel as a neighbor. He is adored by everyone who meets him. Yay, Adair Park!


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