Sunday, October 14, 2012

Four Houses, Four Brief Comments

Perfect storm: Thanks to Anne I visited four open houses: $236, $308, $265, $225 a square foot.

The Aronstam House by Pringle and Smith 1928 has glorious bathrooms.

Anne Powers (left) and I grew up High Point, NC. She's now an agent for Beacham and Company.

1310 Ponce de Leon Adair Park Condominiums $850,000
This is one of Anne's, a townhouse house I'd driven by for years. In 2000 the developer re-purposed two Druid Hills Mansions into condos and added a few more. Menefee+Winer Architects now Make3 designed the project. Condo 1310 was almost 4,000 square feet and it felt great. I think this is a great adaptive use for when might otherwise be white elephant properties. I'll blog this some more. Here is the Plat for Adair Park if you are interested is that sort of thing. 

834 Lullwater Road $1,850,000
This is the Aronstam House by Pringle and Smith 1928 or 1924. I blogged it before. It's a 6,000 square feet hilltop Lullwater mansion that hasn't been messed with. It's livable today but it needs TLC, a buyer in love, and about about $500,000 to make it right.

How wonderful to see a nearly empty, unstaged house with wallpaper! Thanks to Doris Robinson for showing it to me.

1150 Cumberland $929,000
It sold before it was finished but they held the open house anyway thanks to Jim Getzinger. I call this a poptop, a major renovation by John Willis Custom Homes. It's notable that its big (3500 square feet), effectively brand new, and totally in keeping with it's neighbors, all built in the early 1930's. I think John Willis pops tops and gets them sold as well as anybody around here.

1325 Edmund Park $450,000
Edmund Park contains 86 homes each on less than 1/10 acre, shoulder to shoulder built out in 2001. They are about 2000 square of clever design with wide open living areas. Each home had a unique street-side design, a little museum of styles, very picturesque. The porch side faces busy, noisy Rock Springs. The front door and garage is on the alley behind. Urbanists might be proud.

Architecture tourists visit open houses for entertainment.


  1. Love these pics. I especially like that elliptical arch. I was supposed to have one those in my house...but that's a story for another day.

  2. Thanks for sharing the photos. I too loved that arch. I hope somebody will buy that wonderful old house on Lullwater and fix it up right!

  3. Amazing - I've always dreamed of living in a property like this. Love the bathroom design. :)

    arrielle p

  4. Oh, but I want more pics. You tease us. Please show more.

  5. yes, I would also like to see more pictures. And it is something truly valuable to see both the interior and exterior. I can't believe that they are so cheap. $250 for a square foot? you must be kidding me.


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