Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Temple on Clapboards, a Temple on Shingles

Thanks so much to Eileen Drennen who wrote about this blog in the Virginia Highland-Druid Hills Patch: "Seeing the wonder of everyday views with a local 'Architecture Tourist.'" Now we return to our regularly scheduled blog post already in progress.

Neel Reid did it too, applying classic detailing is in unexpected places to produce delightful results.

I've shown you this one before in "Neoclassical Erratics in Decatur and Druid Hills." It's a temple fronting a modern with green clapboards.

A temple in the woods on a gravel path, it's ancient on modern, high style on rustic.


I like the idea.

Thanks to Atlanta Preservation Center's Buckhead in Bloom 2011 I toured the 1922 "Street House" by Neel Reid.

It does does the same sort of thing don't you think? It's a temple on gray-green shingles in the woods at the end of a gravel path.


There is no mistaking one for the other.


The formal Palladian entrance is refinement dialed to 11.

Yet my eye reads as a cottage in the woods.


Let's call it a big refined cottage. Just look at the size of those triple-hung windows.

I think it's wonderful.

The modern is going on sale soon. I hope I can visit.



  1. Hello Terry:
    We agree that the juxtaposition of the classical temple with the modern extension makes for dynamic architecture.

  2. I adore the Decatur house. The temple front against the green clapboard is quite snappy!

  3. Not sure but I think the house was designed by Kemp Mooney

  4. Maybe I can find out once its on the market. I'll let you know.

  5. Nope - Rusty Barber -
    He and Kemp worked together years and years ago though, so it's possible Kemp helped out.

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