Monday, October 18, 2010

An Outie in an Innie English Regency Style

Things that Inspire is having the best discussion about whether casement windows should open in or out.

It got me thinking about niches and orioles - THAT kind of innie and outie. I like Innies AND Outies in sculpted Regencies. You?

Here is the 1936 Thornton-Jones House by Philip Shutze a beautiful English Regency.

It's has niches in the gables. "Niche" is barely adequate to describe this innie.


Here is a 2001 Harrison Design Associates English Regency. It's a good look, no?

As with the Shutze then ends massive double chimney with sculpted curvy effects. An outie oriele window this time.

I guess this is an outie in an innie.

Warning: Lame design Haiku ahead. I think this post's title has a better rhythm.
sculpt a proud gable
outie in an innie for
english regency


  1. Outies rule in architechture though the innie outie is very interesting indeed!

    Riding around looking at houses and seeing lots of antecolumns this weekend.

  2. Looks like that little dormer window in the Shutze opens out!

    I thought that house was interesting. Did not particularly like the bulk of the house, but found the little suite tucked into the attic to be quite charming.

  3. The bulk mostly hides from the street. From the street you see the top of the Harrison house over the wall on the oblique. It presents a big chunky sculpture, more of a modern sculpture than a house, very interesting I think. Did they plan that effect for street view? The closer you get the more intimate it feels.

  4. There is lots to love here including your "lame design" haiku. :)


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