Tuesday, August 18, 2009

(No?) Crying in Design?

There is plenty of crying and fighting in design. Frank Lloyd Wright supposedly said something like, "if the roof isn't leaking you aren't trying hard enough." I don't know if he really said it but we certainly don't have to try very hard to cry during design.

So on Sunday mom, dad, and Daughter #2 visited Daughter #1's apartment to hang pictures, straighten, organize, and rearrange. And boy do we know each others' hot buttons. It could have been - should have been - an emotional massacre.

Here is a bit her "office corner" in false color from a year ago:


Gordon said get 2 big mirrors. We did about a year ago. We got them cheap. They Rule. You can see this one and in the reflection, you can see the other. It's like having 2 more big windows.

It's all inexpensive. You also see the baby blue, damaged, brand new sofa Gordon found at MANORism for $200 (MANORism has a blog). The bench under the mirror is from Antiques and Beyond on Cheshire Bridge but it's no antique. The desk from Horizon on Ellsworth Industrial is everybody's favorite. The chair is mom's derelict office chair from Office Depot.

But I'm not here to talk about mirrors.

Sister, dad and mom spent hours messing with daughter #1's apartment without a single fight and without a single tear. It looks good too.

It might have been the round of Zestos milkshakes that did the trick.


  1. Aaah, mirrors, every home's friend.

    Milkshakes too.

  2. LOL! the effects of this photo is very creative. i like it.

  3. i love the effects of this one... i havent notice the original look is on the mirror untill i look closely on it.

  4. I know exactly what you mean. There are just two girls in my family, and my dad has done his share of referee-ing with us three women! Glad you all came away un-scathed.

    I'm glad I had sons. LOL.

    Cute apt.


  5. Oh, the age old ZESTOs milkshake cure all, saving Atlanta families everywhere! Never been to Manorism, but will certainly have to check it out seeing that sofa! Don't we all want to be in your family, Terry! Made friends with Judi Knight via facebook, cannot wait to see more of her home -thanks for pointing me in that direction. I swear I have seen her around the neighborhood walking those bassets!

    and Frank, Frank was a loon- he no doubt said that comment, must have been one of his mild days! Makes for a great biography character though!

  6. No fights and no tears? That's a major triumph - good for all of you!

  7. We've got two girls as well - in the midst of moving to and from apartments. I hope the "decor" session goes as well as yours!

    Great apartment - and cool furniture finds!

    I'm a bit tardy, but thanks for stopping by my post on The Colour Blue - 2 1/2 blue ceilings - you've peaked my curiosity - do tell ??!!

  8. That is something to brag about! Something about families collaborating on projects just doesn't quite work. I know between my sister, mom, and I that one of us is likely to end up crying when we try to work on something together. I will definitely have to check out the stores you mentioned - I haven't really found great stores for unique finds since we moved to the Atlanta area. Thanks!


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