Monday, December 8, 2008

2008 Telephone Factory Art Show - links to artists' websites - a few notes

PC081482-Telephone-Factory-South-Facade-CenterIt was the 12th Annual Art Show and Sale. I went on Sunday December 7. I had a great time: More than enough art and a tour of a great industrial building full of hard lofts. The lofts themselves were stunning. Even the smallest are breathtaking spaces. The biggest would make decent skateboard parks.

P.S. Somebody cut down those trees that ruin the view of the colonnaded entrance.

The art is overwhelming after a while. By the time I was done, I was mentally exhausted. I wanted to tour the artists' websites at my leisure. But there isn't a list of links to their sites. So I made one.

If you are one of the artists, please tell me about any mistakes.

In alphabetical order:
To the residents of the Telephone Factory: thanks for allowing me in your building and your homes.

To folks interested in next years tour:
  • It's a bargain (free)
  • There is an elevator.
  • Start at the top and work your way from stairwell to stairwell.
  • Each loft is loaded with refreshments.
  • Valet parking will save you time and hill hiking.
  • Ask at the entrance for any drawings, raffles, or contests.
To the artists:
  • Wow and thanks.
  • It's hard to read your URL from business cards.
  • Hope your sales improve your Christmas holidays.
  • I bought small Christmas presents from 3 different artists.
  • Make sure visitors can find you and try to engage each visitor. You need a "Big Tricked-out Name Tag" (thanks GEICO commercial). Maybe you need a dedicated assistant to help egage visitors.
To the organizers:
  • Wow, I'm looking forward to the 2009 show.
  • Give artists a link and perhaps an image on the show's website.
  • Greet visitors with information about raffles and contests.
A few more Telephone Factory pictures. I couldn't get the whole south facade in one picture. It's a very big building, on a landscaped hilltop. It's a proud and elegant facade with yellow brick horizontals with red brick columns breaking up the long horizontal spans of windows. Work is work but if you have to work anywhere, how nice to work in a first class factory building.

Four stories to the left, a colonnaded entrance tower and one story to the right also disguise the bulk of the building. It would be typical of Southern Bell / ATT to use this design all over America as is the case of the "Ford Factory" (here is a Ford Factory in Portland) building on Ponce. You could splurge more on design if you are building more than one.

The south facade's one-story end.

The tree blocks the elegant entrance. I'm sure it's a great tree, maybe even historic. CUT IT DOWN and plant some historic trees on a smaller scale. I'm sure the architects would gasp if they saw this.

The west end shows 4 stories engaging the slope.

The west facade faces the railroad, soon to become now the Belt Line. The building continues to show a pretty face. The stair could have been boring. Instead they have a softening curve. Great details.


  1. Thanks for posting these links, and thanks for coming to the show. Will's name is Will Kay instead of Will Thacker.

    I also appreciate the feedback on how we can do better next year. Keep in touch.


  2. Thanks Don. I've added Will Kay. If Will has a link, I'd be happy to post it.

    For me a free art show in a great building is great pleasure. By the time I went, fairly late on Sunday I sensed a bit of exhaustion from the residents and artists.

    Whatever the art, the fun part is engaging the artists and visitors. If an artist's friends hang out with the artist, you get little cliques that take attention away from the guests. They are having a private party.

  3. Thanks for the fantastic review!

    The links are up now, on the artists page and on the home page on the images.

    I think Nance Harper and Will Thacker/Kay could not make it and had to cancel.

    Thanks again for the review!


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