Tuesday, October 11, 2016

CSX Railroad Bridge Beauty Contest & Navigation Primer

We moved to Grant Park and I've got railroad problems. I need quick ways, a pretty ways, interesting ways to cross the tracks.

Kind of fun for Architecture Tourists.

Let me show you.

20161010_120415 2016-10-10 CSX Railroad Bridge SE Atlanta Hill Street
Hill Street has a bit of a cornice, mosaics, and classical detailing with sidewalk colonnades.

20161010_120630 2016-10-10 CSX Railroad Bridge SE Atlanta Grant Street
Grant Street looks all minimal with the MLK Station's cantilever in the composition. There are usually walkers and bikers heading to MARTA and frequent urban campers. Wide unprotected sidewalks.

20161010_121051 2016-10-10 CSX Railroad Bridge SE Atlanta Boulevard
Boulevard has a grand run-up with Oakland Cemetery, Carrol Street, and the Bag Mill. The bridge's interaction with Dekalb Avenue featutes real pedestrian danger. Add MOMO's  multi-tagged nearly ruined mural. It's the bridge of history, industry and drama.

20161010_121432 2016-10-10 CSX Railroad Bridge SE Atlanta Krog Street Tunnel
Krog Street in a class by itself, pedestrians protected on a raised colonnaded balcony. There are usually people there and the view changes. When this opens as the BeltLine, who knows?

20161010_122109 2016-10-10 CSX Railroad Bridge SE Atlanta Moreland Avenue
Moreland Avenue is US Route 23 and Georgia 42 with all the rights and privileges that pertain. The closest bridge to big box commerce and Five Guys. It has its own rush hour.

20161010_122355 2016-10-10 CSX Railroad Bridge SE Atlanta Oakdale Whitefoord
Oakdale Road / Whitefoord Avenue has its own MARTA station and TOD (Transportation Oriented Development) construction galore. Was one of my secret pre-move shortcuts but it's getting busy at rush hour with it's sneaky back way into the Edgewood Shopping Center.

20161010_122648 2016-10-10 CSX Railroad Bridge SE Atlanta Arizona Avenue
Arizona Avenue is the bridge that's not like the others, industrial on one side and big wall on the other. Plus Hense and Lemon Lane.

20161010_122923 2016-10-10 CSX Railroad Bridge SE Atlanta Dekalb Place Rocky Ford
Dekalb Place / Rocky Ford is the first gateway between Lake Claire and Kirkwood / Oakhurst.

20161010_123122 2016-10-10 CSX Railroad Bridge SE Atlanta Decatur East Lake
East Lake Drive has it's own MARTA station and water tower and hey, we're in Decatur.

The tracks follow Dekalb Avenue:


Wednesday, October 5, 2016

The Very Best Master Suite on the Ansley Tour of Homes

I have rules for master suites, absolutely nothing to do with decor or style. I'm pretty sure they don't teach these in architecture/designer/developer school. I'll mention three now and four more at the end of the post.

1. The sleeping chamber must be cozy and intimate.
2. The light from the bathroom must not fall on a pillow.
3. The dressing  / closet / bathroom must have a back door.

Did you do the 2016 Ansley Park Tour of  Homes last weekend? Big thanks to Laura Palickar for the opportunity. It's a privilege to see them and I saw every one.

I remember this master suite most of all. I'd seen it before when it was last for sale. The wise new owners didn't change the master suite. Maybe this house helped form my rules.

The master is in this house:

The glorious stair hall.

Here's the master suite.

The "U" shape wraps around the east and southern exposures. A ribbon of windows brings in stunning natural light. Going from bedchamber to office is like walking on a private sunlit balcony.

The sleeping chamber is just right, wish I'd measured it.

"...everyone forgets that everything important that happened to them probably happened in a small space or a small room...Bobby McAlpine interviewed by James Swan for Million Dollar Decorating

You are up early, you slip into the dressing room and exit via the office without disturbing the loved one.

Four rules for master showers, nearly always violated even in the most luxurious houses.

1. You must be able to see outdoors.
2. You must be able to turn on the shower without getting into the shower, without getting wet.
3. You must have some privacy in the shower. Modern all glass showers are nudie shows. You can have all the light you want AND have a view while preserving some modesty.
4. You shouldn't need a shower door.

More rules another time. Thanks.

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