Sunday, October 19, 2014

Road Trip 11: Scarboro, Georgia's Perfect Terminated Vista and Triangular Green

This tiny place is not to be missed. Fortunately you can't miss it so take an extra five minutes and stop in Scarboro.

About 5 miles up Highway 17 north of Rocky Ford we found a near perfect terminated vista. It looks like you are going to drive smack into a building, a place that stops the eye.

You put something pretty in a terminated vista. In Scarboro it's this little church.

Scarboro Baptist is atop a tiny rise on a triangular green, grand red steps to the portico.

"In 1839 (Scarboro) became Station No. 7 on the Central Rail Road and served this (sic) one of the very oldest rail roads in the United States...."

On the green there's a white church, a blue house, and a gray house. Scarboro Road, a shortcut to the Ogeechee River, passes a ruin and the cemetery.

The Scarboro triangle.

20140929_160208 2014-09-29 big blue house Scarboro Georgia
The Blue House.

IMG_3012 2014-09-29 Scarboro Georgia boat 
Boat cubby.

20140929_160231 2014-09-29 Scarboro Landing Bait and Tackle Scarboro Georgia
The gray house seems to be a riverside store neither abandoned nor busy on this Monday afternoon.

IMG_3015 2014-09-29 Ruin on Scarboro road near cemetery Scarboro Georgia
The ruin is on Scarboro Road where it starts sloping down to the Ogeechee.

The cemetery is across the street from the ruin. We didn't have time to explore be we wanted to.

Of course Brian Brown has been there with Vanishing South Georgia.

That's about all there is, do stop.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Road Trip 10: Rocky Ford, Georgia

Rocky Ford proper isn't on Highway 17. We tuned southwest on Rocky Ford Road and drove just past the railroad tracks where we found City Hall.

On Rocky Ford Road the buildings are close the street.

20140929_154603 2014-09-29 Rocky Ford Baptist Church Rocky Ford Georgia
Rocky Ford Baptist is right on the sidewalk. It feels good.

20140929_154650 2014-09-29 Rocky Ford Georgia white house
This this big old house is right out there for us to enjoy.

20140929_155039 2014-09-29 Rocky Ford Georgia
There's a handful of elegant small houses along the tracks.

20140929_155006 2014-09-29 Drive Home from Hilton Head Rocky Ford Georgia Post Office
The PO.

20140929_155149 2014-09-29 Drive Home from Hilton Head Rocky Ford Georgia Policeman and Police Car
We spoke to the police officer. He could not have been nicer.

Downtown Rocky Ford has been on HGTV's reZONED. Greta Newton bought downtown Rocky Ford.

Cool, huh?

Greta Newton has a blog - best blog quality to town size ratio I've ever seen.

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